Bill Rock Art


On View: June 7 - July 20, 2013

Opening Reception: Friday, June 7, 7-9pm

Many of the ideas and images in this exhibit originated from sketchbook drawings. Some of these were fully developed into characters or chapters from ongoing stories being written in my head, while others became simple visual observations, notations and will continue to develop as foundations for future work.

“Guests” is a fitting title for this body of work as I view all my featured players as guests of one type or another and see the human role as that of a guest; “a stranger, one who comes from a distance and takes lodgings in a place, either for a night or a longer time” (Webster’s 1828 English Dictionary).

With regard to the materials used, the work is split between paintings on paper (acrylic) and drawings on paper (pastel, wax, charcoal, marker, pencil, acrylic wash, grease pencil and ink). I approach the use of paper not only as a support but as another ingredient in the physical formula. Like other mediums, the paper form can be altered, transformed through the mixing with other elements as well as through the physical application and manipulation of the surface and edges.

Bill Rock